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Eric Ransom is an uncompromising musician who spent nearly two decades crafting his first album, Old Familiar Street.  


“You know, I just didn’t want to rush it,” Eric jokes.  


But in fact, it took 20 years to produce and release Old Familiar Street because it had to be created during the rare windows of time in which Eric balanced his commitment to family and work. It was during those elusive moments that he was able to write, perform, and record his music. 

“This album is filled with a lifetime of emotions and experiences, and I’m so glad to finally have it completed and ready to share with others,” says Eric.“I believe in the power of music to bring insight, comfort, and happiness to people, but that can only happen if the product is strong, so I wanted to wait until I had enough confidence in myself and the material to release it, and I have that confidence now.”


Eric grew up in Central Ohio in a family that included musicians like his father who played guitar in The Kokosing Valley Boys, a country & bluegrass band based in Mount Vernon Ohio in the early 1950s.

Eric and his cousin Mark Ransom — whose father also played in the Kokosing Valley Boys — have performed together in bands and collaborated on other musical projects over the years. 

Eric says family bands like the Allman Brothers Band and the Demarco Brothers have had a powerful influence on his music, and he’s drawn to the intimate connection that comes from playing with family or within a group of players with a familial connection. 

“You can feel it,”  Eric says. “There’s an unspoken understanding of where we’ve been in our lives, and where we hope to go. I saw the Demarco brothers when I was about 19 and they were just so raw and connected and it was magical to me,” he says. “I played the guitar at that point, but I wasn’t that serious about it. Seeing those guys made me think, ‘This is something I want to do.’ I had the same experience with the Allman Brothers. That connection, that musical invention, that organic and electric artistic exploration is really powerful, and it’s something I try to bring to my music.” 

Eating Peaches sm.jpeg

Over the years, Eric has played with an extraordinary group of musicians across the country in bands like, “‘Lectric, Bob and the Rattlesnakes,” “Shuck and Jive,” “Eating Peaches,” “Happy Sac,” “The Alloways,” and “The Ransom Band.” Many of these same artists are featured on Old Familiar Street.

“For 20 years, these amazing musicians have been helping bring life to my songs,” Eric says. “They have brought their passion, their prowess, and their patience as we worked to create and capture something that we hope will resonate with people.”

If you want to experience original music that is authentic, funky, honest, clever, and fun, you can purchase your copy of Old Familiar Street and check out Eric’s other music today at, or stream it on your favorite streaming service.

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